Afabulous blog and beautiful website. 1UP Media Inc. gets trendy while working with local Toronto fashion and lifestyle blogger Jenny Jovanovic and Crazy Style Love.

The blogosphere is definitely alive and thriving. The leading blog platform in the US is, which boasts average monthly traffic statistics of 46 million+ visitors through 2013. A simple Google search will unveil an abundant amount of blog related statistics, some of which refer to the surging online niche as the Blogconomy. That being said, when an emerging movement is labeled with an alias that ends in “conomy”, it is usually a sign that things are just heating up.

The general perception of a “blog” is often misrepresentative to what is actually happening. Many perceive a blog to be a long series of personal opinions, rants and self-admiration pieces, while at times this is true, at others, this could not be further from the truth. The transformation that has taken place lead by professional bloggers is astounding.

The evolution of blogging has been the result of many talented individuals pushing the bar of convention and producing highly appealing web content. The organic ecosystems that are born through popular categorical interests have created burgeoning pockets of success and have lead to new and viable marketing channels that are not going unnoticed.

Jenny Jovanovic of CrazyStyleLove and board member of the Toronto based fashion and beauty blogger conference SparkSessions is at the forefront of the blogger revolution and had the following comment:

“Everyday is so exciting! I never thought it would be possible to build something that would create so much opportunity. I started a blog as a hobby and it lead to a new life, a life that I control and am madly in love with. I am so happy and grateful.”

The creation of appealing content will always be in demand. The Internet has proven that the next big thing can come from just about anywhere. Having available platforms for the masses like Blogger and WordPress allows creative individuals to do what they do best, create and share.

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I love, love, LOVE! My new website. 1UP Media is the best agency I have ever worked with. I hope this will be a life-long relationship as we are now collaborating on many more projects.

– Jenny Jovanovic

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