Back to Backs! 1UP Media Inc. takes pride in helping local businesses do what they do best by alleviating the burden of creating an online representation that serves them in an accurate manner. An online presence is quickly becoming a business necessity for survival in all professions.

Dr. Bigness is a dedicated chiropractor that has recently decided to take his healing hands out of the big city and help the fortunate folk of Windsor, ON. While contemplating the life-changing move he was well aware of the professional challenges involved in relocation and the process of starting over.

Dr. Andrew Bigness is mindful that the modern consumer is well informed and performs a considerable amount of research before making a purchase, so the application of that theory is logically amplified with patients choosing a practitioner. 1UP was extremely happy to help Dr. Bigness remedy his situation with a modern website and the foundation to grow a strong web presence.

Competition and confidence are crucial in winning customers, clients and patients, but the greatest marketing efforts are for not, if the audience is not reached. – Web Presence

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Working with 1UP Media was a completely painless experience. I simply told them where my business was hurting and they were able to quickly and accurately diagnose the nature of the condition.

I have since replaced patience with patients and am so happy that I can now get back to backs.

Dr. Andrew Bigness

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