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Modern medicine is not always modern. The miracle of modern medicine is often in the discovery of how to mesh science and technology with ancient natural healing methods. Holistic approaches to health have been rediscovered and many individuals are thriving and living a fulfilling life as a consequence.

The Helix Healthcare Group has recently launched their state of the art health and wellness facility in the luxurious downtown Toronto neighbourhood of Yorkville. Opening the doors may be the easiest step on their journey where the goal is opening minds to the power of cutting edge treatments for mental health.

Helix Healthcare Group is comprised of an exceptional team lead by CEO & Founder Mark Rivkin. Mark is a successful entrepreneur and business executive who is driven to better the community by offering a facility that can help teach and heal using the techniques that have helped him. A holistic approach is essential for optimal health care.

Catalyst Wellness and Spectrum Recovery are the core systems at Helix, they are specially designed programs that effectively and efficiently initiate the healing process. Catalyst is a programmatic approach to mental wellness that is highly effective in treating a vast array of off-balancing mental issues. Spectrum is similar in approach but specializes in the specific needs of individuals suffering from addiction.

The progression of modern medicine, health and overall well-being is a mission for humanity that is advanced one treatment at a time.

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