1Up Media Partners With Fakeblock

The much-anticipated Internet privacy software solution Fakeblock is due to make their public debut through an exclusive partnership with 1Up Media.
Fakeblock recently took the tech scene by storm as a development insider leaked information on their groundbreaking privacy software. The robust system has capabilities that far supersede contemporary software solutions in the Reputation Management and digital privacy industry.
Core functionalities of the software are the abilities to block unwanted visitors through public domain or back door Trojans. The solution that evolved from privacy monitoring software has just now expanded their scope with an anti-piracy component and a “fake information” removal service.
The way Fakeblock is technically able to perform the required tasks is through a bouillon driven aggregation that employs a series of “hacker traps”, ensuring activity monitoring, reporting and most importantly defense through industry leading firewall technology.
1Up Media quickly realized that a partnership with Fakeblock was a very natural union that will propel them to the forefront of the Reputation Management industry. All 1Up Reputation clients will have access to the Fakeblock enhanced interface upon launch, giving them the greatest reputation management control available.
When asked about the development of Fakeblock, modest founder and CEO George Maharis simply replied, “It’s low hanging fruit, someone was gonna do it, we’re just trying to be those guys.
1Up Media would like to extend our welcome and gratitude to the newest team members George Maharis and P-Hound.

This article is completely in good fun, a simple satire for a commonly dry industry. – Justin;)

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