Celebrating 19 Years of Cre8asiteforums and More: Weekly Forum Update

Celebrating 19 Years of Cre8asiteforums and More: Weekly Forum Update

Kim Krause Berg is celebrating 19 years with Cre8asiteforums – and that’s worth celebrating! You can do so by visiting them and reading their archives.

We have a thread this week all about that, as well as threads from WebmasterWorld and SEO Chat about what it means to be an SEO, interstitial penalties, and image tags. Let’s begin!

19 Years of History at Cre8asiteforums

As iamlost writes,

“Cre8 has gone from being an active even raucous Holistic Centre for Rational Webdev…to a more contemplative Holistic Zen Garden of Rational Webdev, however thoughtful webdev is not a bad thing!”

Cre8asiteforums indeed continues to be on the cutting edge – a little zed garden of rationalism in a sea of speculation and paranoia.

Check out their archives or Bill and Ammon’s Bogus Hangouts to get a dose of Cre8asiteforums today! And give this thread a read, where forum members reflect on the predictions they made and the paths they took at one of our most prestigious communities.

Google’s Mobile Interstitial Ad Penalty – Are You Seeing The Impact Yet?

Some time ago, Google warned that there would be severe penalties for mobile sites that use big interstitials and pop-ups. That update went live just recently and the impact is proving somewhat difficult to gauge. On WebmasterWorld, forum members have seen some drops and one member writes that,

“I’ve heard unconfirmed reports of people losing 80%+ traffic, removed their interstitials and traffic popped back up the next day.”

WebmasterWorld’s admin, engine, writes that

“Those still running the interstitials will be the ones to suffer, and I’d lke to know how they are doing. However, I wonder if we’ll ever hear from them.”

Other forum members report that some big news sites are still using large interstitials and seem unaffected – is Google playing favorites?

Google Has Another Go With Google Plus

Ahh, Google Plus…will you never die? Despite being widely known as a joke of a social media platform, Google Plus continues to be essential for local marketers. It’s not essential because of what it offers, though – it’s because of all the things that are plugged into Google Plus and require it.

Google promises that after January 24, a whole new Google Plus platform will be unveiled. But it doesn’t sound any different – at all – from what already exists. The only differences seem to be that “Events” will be brought back to communities and Google will be taking a harder stance against spammy comments. On WebmasterWorld, forum member keyplyr writes that

“I think when people (mistakenly) attempt to compare Google+ with Facebook, it will fail in comparison…Facebook is…one site with many features. Google is a wide assortment of services and utilities…Google+ is your account hub…and yes it is also a social media site.”

So, who knows – maybe Google+ really will change for the better?

Noindex Tags and Images

Here’s a curious tale from WebmasterWorld! Forum member aristotle added the noindex tag to one of their pages and watched as, a week or so later, it vanished from the SERPs.

All well and good! But, strangely, the images from that page continue to gather impressions from Google image searches. Why are they gathering impressions if the page has vanished? As it turns out, images may simply be a lot harder to remove from the SERPs.

WebmasterWorld members suggest adding some lines to your robots.txt if you really want to have them removed. There’s an interesting side discussion developing in here about how to direct Pinterest-bot around your pages, too – check it out!

Patent-Reading Reveals New Technical Insights to How Google Views Entities

Here’s a meaty technical story that one of our Threadwatch members dug up! Dave Davies, writing for Search Engine Land, covered a newly approved Google patent in a way that reveals some new and interesting things about the basics of Google search.

“How Google views entities” is the very essence of search – how entities are identified, sorted, ranked, revealed, etc. This patent explains a lot of the different ways that Google looks at entities. It’s worth reading this breakdown to get some insights into the building blocks of SEO!

What Does an SEO Specialist Do?

A newbie to SEO Chat posed this question – thrust into a position that they didn’t understand, they wondered what the daily routine of an SEO specialist might look like. If you’re a beginner yourself, this is a good thread for finding resources for beginners and practical advice from experts and professionals.

Some of SEO Chat’s best and brightest have posted in this thread to share tutorials, guides, and advice on topics like SEO reports, analyzing data, what type of work is offered to clients, how to do research, and more! Give it a read – and if you’re already an expert, we’d love to get some words of wisdom from you as well!

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