Do We Need an SEO Cone of Silence?

Do We Need an SEO Cone of Silence?

Do We Need an SEO Cone of Silence?

One of the more interesting things about our profession is that our client successes (or for that matter our failures), complaints, battles, truces, and brawls are rarely shared in a public way, unless we’re bragging via a testimonial on our website (guilty), or if the client gives us permission to share our successes. We all want to keep our “secret sauce” secret.

In my case almost all my clients make me sign NDA’s anyway, which makes it impossible for me to brag if I’m successful. On the other hand it also makes it very hard for them to complain publicly if I’m unsuccessful (hey, I’m human, it actually happened…Once).

Perhaps what our industry needs can be best illustrated below, via this short video from the incredibly awesome old TV series Get Smart. This video is about a minute and a half a long, so I urge you to please watch it and imagine if we had this in the SEO industry. Would it be helpful? Would it make things worse? Will it cause a new Google “Cone of Silence Update”?  Or God help us, will it make @MikeGrehan stop posting photos of all the effing fun he’s having? or maybe make @NeilPatel reduce his daily content output from 733 columns to a more manageable 625?

I kid because I love you both. Neil didn’t even have to shave yet the first time we spoke together at a conference in Boston. And Mike is like my Godfather. I wish I could travel again and see you guys, but with one kid in kindergarten, one in 3rd grade, and one in 8th grade, if I leave town my wife will not only shoot me, she will use negative SEO against my site while I’m away. Love is funny that way.

But I digress. The more important question is where the hell is Agent 99, who made this show “Must See TV” for me for reasons it would take several more years before I would fully understand? Yowsa.

Please watch this video and enjoy. For you Makers out there, get busy printing one. I’ve included instructions above.

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