DundeeWealth is now HollisWealth!

The independent financial advisor network DundeeWealth has officially changed its name to HollisWealth. January 31, 2014 was the final day that advisors could legally operate under the DundeeWealth name.

As a brand, HollisWealth embraces the existing independent and entrepreneurial spirit of DundeeWealth advisors, while offering the stability that comes from being associated with one of Canada’s top banks, ScotiaBank.

The DundeeWealth name and brand may have changed, but their fundamental character has not. The independent advisor channel is an important component of ScotiaBank’s overall wealth management strategy in Canada and represents more than 900 independent financial advisors.

We are contacting you today to assist you in the branding transition of your web property from DundeeWealth to HollisWealth. In order to make this process as quick as possible, we have included an instructional step-by-step process for you to follow.

All references to DundeeWealth, DWM Securities Inc., Dundee Private Investors Inc., Dundee Insurance Agency Ltd., must be immediately removed from all communications including stationery, signage, prospect or investor forms, email signatures, social media profiles and websites.

DundeeWealth to HollisWealth Rebrand Guide

Step #1:
Please review the HollisWealth Identity Style Guide:
HollisWealth Identity Style Guide

Step #2:
Change all DundeeWealth name references accordingly.

The following old legal entity names have been updated to the following:
1) DWM Securities Inc. (English)
• New Legal Name (English): Scotia Capital Inc.
2) Valeurs Mobilières DWM inc. (French)
• New Legal Name (French): Scotia Capitaux inc.
3) Dundee Private Investors Inc. (English)
• New Legal Name (English): HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc.
4) Services financiers Dundee inc. (French)
• New Legal Name (French): Services financiers Patrimoine Hollis inc.
5) Dundee Mortgage Services Inc. (English)
• New Legal Name (English): HollisWealth Mortgage Services Inc.
6) Services hypothécaires Dundee inc. (French)
• New Legal Name (French): Services hypothécaires Patrimoine Hollis inc.
7) Dundee Insurance Agency Ltd. (English)
• New Legal Name (English): HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd.
8) Assurances Dundee Itèe (French)
• New Legal Name (French): Services d’assurances Patrimoine Hollis ltée

Step #3:
Change all DundeeWealth logos and brand related graphics accordingly.

The appropriate logos, graphics and HollisWealth branding materials can be downloaded from the link below.
HollisWealth Branding Materials

If you require further assistance in the brand transition please contact the professional online brand management team at 1UP Media Inc.: contact@1upmedia.com

On behalf of HollisWealth Inc., we thank you for your cooperation.

1UP Media Inc.