GA IP Filters: Block Multiple IPs with 1 Filter in Analytics

Follow the steps below to block multiple IPs with 1 filter inside Google Analytics:

  1. Go to your Admin settings. Under the View panel, you’ll find Filters. Click it.
  2. Next add a new filter
  3. Name your filter (eg. Bulk IPs)
  4. Click “Custom” filter type
  5. Select “IP Address” as filter field
  6. Grab your list of IPs and throw them into your favorite editor
    • Here is my list
  7. Now comes the regex formatting.
    • You will need to use these expressions “\” (before every period) and “|” (after the last number in the IP)
      • 23\.17\.241\.76|21\.29\.223\.21|63\.91\.159\.211|23\.97\.191\.987|53\.31\.255\.255
  8. Paste that into the ‘filter pattern’
  9. Click save
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