No-Tee Tuesdays

There was a time when being absolutely smoother than a baby’s butt was the thing to be on a man’s face. Nowadays with the new age wave of hipsters roaming the streets, mustaches, beards, and all facial hair are not only accepted, but strongly encouraged. Take for instance Mr. Sexy Jesus – not too long ago, you would never find male models with such grizzly gruff and scruff.

Well here at 1UP Media Inc., we’ve decided to change things up a little. We’re cutting back on the facial hair and we’re showing some skin. Welcome to “No-Tee Tuesdays” where every Tuesday we shave goatees and most facial hair off of famous men who are typically known to rock them.

#1 on the list is the one and only the King of Chicken – Mr. Finger Lickin’ Colonel Sanders. You have to admit, this Southern belle cleans up nicely.

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