Orion is 17.5 light years away, and so is Marketo’s Big Data Project

Orion is 17.5 light years away, and so is Marketo’s Big Data Project

Here’s what to do when you realize your “little data” marketing platform isn’t going to grow into your “big data” platform, after all

If you are a practitioner or follower of Marketing Automation, you’ve probably read a few recent articles about Marketo’s challenges with rolling out “Orion” to their install base. It’s a clear reminder that big shifts in architecture are hard and uncertain, and it’s often the customers who are caught in the transition. History tends to repeat itself, just as on-premise applications were replaced by new cloud apps by new software providers (as opposed to ‘simply’ moving existing on-premise apps into the cloud), the move to big data architecture is seeing similar transitions.

Act-On was built from day one on a native, Big Data (NoSQL) architecture, which puts us and our customers at an advantage. Early next week we’ll be announcing the future of marketing; journeys which use machine learning to drive unique, powerful, and fully adaptive engagement paths for prospects and customers that respond to behaviors and provide a truly personalized experience. We’re also doing this at a faster clip than our competitors, who are having to rebuild and transition off pre-existing architectures, which translates to a quicker time to value for our customers who can begin reaping the benefits of machine learning-driven journeys.

It’s time to make the move. Your customers are expecting an incredible experience. If Marketo’s customer communication plan for the Project Orion rollout is any indication of your future engagements with them, then I suggest you weigh your options. We want you to be successful in your marketing efforts and your big data-driven ambitions. To help, we’re offering a switch-and-save program for all existing Marketo customers. Give us a call and we’ll get you into Act-On for less than you are paying for Marketo, and work with you on a transition plan to capitalize on the future of marketing.

Published at Fri, 03 Mar 2017 02:00:00 +0000

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