Performance Marketing: The Case Study

We have decided to do build a Performance Marketing Members Resource and Support Group and build it using Performance Marketing Systems.

Why? You may ask…

We have decided to build this for a multitude of reasons. The business moves fast…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

Effective campaigns are temporary, success is temporary, profitability is temporary, clients are temporary, offers are temporary, products are temporary, services are temporary and sadly people are temporary.

The perpetuity of the business can be exciting and exhilarating to the point it feels like fantasy and then within a flash the fantasy ends, the bubble pops, the dream turns to a nightmare, you are left discombobulated, a complete state of disconnection that you feel as though you have vertigo. All the ups and downs, highs and lows, consistencies and inconsistencies, anomalies that seem like constants and constants that are anomalies, to summarize; a roller coaster of emotion that can be exhausting.

Years go by and it can be hard to recall what the heck happened. As good marketers know you need data to optimize and when it comes to life and business experiences they often go by undocumented.

I have often questioned why anyone who is running a profitable business would jeopardize the momentum and inertia by taking time to write, teach and mentor, and I now think I understand why.

The single answer is… There is no single answer.

It is personal. A choice made by a person for motives that have come from their life experiences.

All I can do is tell my story.

I admire strength of character, conviction, honor, truth and many other noble traits, and I work in marketing. Anyone else in this situation can appreciate the amount of time in a week that needs to be set aside to address inner conflict.

I am a bit of an idealist, yet I am very competitive and work in marketing. I am compassionate and driven with a profit focused business mentality. I believe in reducing the amount of evil in the world by not contributing to it and standing strong to stop it when I can. I believe balance is truth and I strive to achieve it. True peace is only achieved with balance.

There are many daily battles fought in my Prefrontal cortex, but I find solace and comfort in the bigger picture, the thought of winning the war on my own terms. And… I absolutely love a challenge.

The reason I am writing this case study and am starting our Members area is personal. I am not going to use cliché answers that I have so much wealth that I feel guilty and need to give back to the community or that I am so great and noble that I must bestow my knowledge on others. I am doing this for myself, as a challenge to build a profitable web property, have a successful case study and create a useful resource for others.

I am going to document the process as we go. I am going to try and get community input and direction on the community that we are building. A community is only as good as it’s knowledge base and members.

I am going to keep this blog series going and explain what I am working on and what my motivators are for doing so.

Our initial launch date is scheduled for February 15th 2017, but I thought what the heck let’s turn this into a real time case study and start at the beginning instead of at the end. That being said, the members area is empty, the members site is incomplete and still has a bunch of bugs and work needed but we are willing to simply start now.

I actually just decided to do this today, we haven’t built all the marketing assets yet, campaigns, tracking setup, conversion pages, landing pages, etc.

We’ll see, hope it works out, I enjoyed writing this intro, thanks for reading.

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