Practice Good Customer Service

Owning any business in this very competitive business environment can be both exciting and fulfilling. It can also be challenging in a lot of ways, and one of those ways is maintaining your reputation. As we all know, customer service is number one and when a customer isn’t satisfied with any aspect of the way you conducted business with them, it can damage your reputation. There really isn’t anything you can do about customers who end up dissatisfied in one way or another. It happens because you can’t please all the people all the time. What you can control however is how you handle it and repair whatever damage was done to your reputation as a result of a customer complaint.

The first thing you need to do is get in contact with the Better Business Bureau and let them know your side of the story. Find out exactly what the customer wants to help rectify the situation so that whatever happened can show up as “resolved” on your BBB report. Again, you can’t change the fact that a customer complained, but resolving the issue in a timely manner will show everyone that you will do your part in trying to resolve a conflict and keep your reputation as good as possible.

The next thing you should do is backtrack and recall everything that happened with that customer. Where did you go wrong? How could you possibly have handled the situation differently to where the outcome would have been better? Try to learn from the experience so it doesn’t happen again. One of the most effective ways of repairing your reputation is taking proactive steps in guaranteeing that it doesn’t get damaged again.

Something else you can do to repair your reputation is by going above and beyond in respect to customer service. Don’t go overboard with it by making it obvious that you are trying to be a good businessperson, just let what you do come as a natural way of doing good business. In this day and age consumers are becoming more interested in how a business is run. Low prices and sales are certainly a factor, but not as much as they used to be. Consumers want now more than ever to know that who they are doing business with is trustworthy and dependable. Show them that you do this as an everyday practice and that will go a long way in repairing and maintaining your reputation.

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