Reputation Management – A Simple Overview

Reputation Management is a web expression, an online marketing term for brand management on the Internet.

Online reputation management (ORM) is a critical component of an online marketing mix. The ability to monitor and manage the reputation of a person, brand, or company on the Internet is essential for organic growth and is a key contributing factor in a natural, positive flow of success.

Search engines tend to be the primary traffic contributors to the majority of business’ websites, that being said, reputation within the search engines is imperative. The ORM process combines important aspects of marketing, public relations, advertising, promotion, and search engine optimization to form a productive quantitative system.

Reputation management is a component of search engine optimization that developed over time as a necessary response to a change in Internet climate, the emergence of Web 2.0. The rapid growth of interaction on the Internet has generated a new influential super power, consumer and public opinion. Social media networks and interactive consumer review resources provide the public, along with industry competitors and online reputation predators with a platform of influence that if not managed properly can have extremely destructive consequences.

The principle objective of reputation management is protection.

Every entity, whether personal or professional has a public image, a status, a reputation, this is known as an identity or brand. Once again, whether personal or professional every identity or brand has a perceived value, known as brand equity; it is this that industry leaders and world influencers regard as the single most important component of continued success. The online protection of brand equity is through reputation management, also known as Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM).

Online Reputation management is a vital component of every marketing mix and should be regarded as a long term and ever evolving internet marketing initiative, a live campaign.

The initial step in online reputation management is definitely prevention. The prevention of others defaming your name through highly visible web pages containing in most cases inaccurate or an opinion oriented perspectives is extremely important. ORM has the ability to prevent and correct search engine visibility issues produced by others, it also has the ability to correct internal ranking issues based on past and present marketing initiatives.

The next fundamental component of reputation management is claiming your name, whether personal or professional, it is vital to own the ranks containing your name. Reputation management may very well be the difference between success and failure.

Another element of ORM is damage control or reputation repair. Due to a variety of variables in the marketplace, situations of miscommunication, misunderstanding or misfortune are frequent. In the event of an unforeseen mishap it is crucial for a person or company to respond and regain control over the potentially harmful information. A business that comprehends the impact of negative feedback and blowback is always a step away from correcting an unfavorable situation.

Finally, the primary focus of reputation management is about generating and increasing website traffic and in turn connections, fans, users and customers, ultimately the people you are looking to connect with. By utilizing SEO and ORM techniques and increasing website traffic flow, a business can optimize their identity and ensure a positive and appealing company image.

1UP Media designs, implements and manages successful online reputation management systems for numerous clients. Years of experience and expertise has provided us with the required knowledge and know how to produce nearly instant positive results.

ORM is developing into a fundamental piece of every online marketing strategy and solution Red Lion produces. Inadequate reputation management can result in the loss of current and future customers and opportunities. Red Lion Digital Media is dedicated to providing the skills needed to ensure you and/or your company makes an exceptional impression within the search engines.

Make Online Reputation Management a part of your marketing mix today; chances are your competitors have.

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