Reputation Management & Brand Building

How they are Interconnected

Unfortunately when it comes to brand building, a good offense is not the best defense. As such, reputation management is an essential method of defense that goes hand in hand with brand building. It is a form of insurance for a brand that is designed to protect and maintain the process of building a brand.

The great thing about reputation management is that it allows for positive communications and interactions with the public, while helping companies better understand their customer base. This is true in the form of strategies typical to reputation management such as addressing online complaints and receiving public feedback on products and services. All of this is essential in the process of brand building as it not only empowers a company’s customers, but it also leaves them with a positive perception of a brand.
You still may not be totally sold on the idea of reputation management as you may not think it applies to your specific company. The following explores some common queries and misunderstandings of the importance of employing reputation management with a brand building strategy and how the two are interconnected.

What if I ignore it?
Business executives who feel reputation management is not important might be able to build a brand without protection, but such a move is a risky gamble. Eventually, that company will come across bumps and crises on its path and will not be properly covered.
What if I avoid the Internet?
If for whatever reason the Internet is not part of your brand building stratagem, the lack of reputation management in this instance could be even more hazardous for your brand. Without an online presence, you have no voice or defense against how your brand is perceived online. Your company’s entire reputation is at the mercy of anyone with internet access, whether it be a competitor, a disgruntled customer or a kid with a blog.
What if I only use it during times of crises?
This can be a dangerous strategy. Using this method could very likely result in it being too late, which would mean that no amount of public relations will be able to save any libel or brand defacing that occurs. The immediacy and expansiveness of the Internet means that negative information can spread like wildfire and do profound damage to a brand’s reputation. You want to make sure you are in complete control of your brand’s image and voice right from the start. A healthy mix of brand building in coordination with reputation management will ensure that any materials on your company that make contact with the public are of a positive nature.

The process of reputation management should be enacted once a brand is created or as soon as possible. No matter how big or small your brand might be reputation management and brand building should always be connected. Every business needs proper insurance to protect and maintain its brand. Reputation management is that form of insurance and this is why it is interconnected with brand building.

Using Brand Reputation Management Companies
Brand reputation management companies locate and then mitigate negative information found online. In some cases, these companies will send requests to the owner of the websites that have negative information, comments and reviews to have the information received or they may take a legal approach and take the website owner or the poster to court to have the information removed. Other strategies for repairing a business’s online reputation include directly answering and trying to solve the issues, as well as proactive brand building measures including the development of endorsements from customers, vendors and investors. These online reputation management companies work with their clients to develop the best solutions to rebuild and fix a harmed brand reputation. Any number of tactics can be employed to ensure that the brand is still the most valuable asset of the corporation.

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