The Silent Marketing Roadblock – Choice

The Silent Marketing Roadblock – Choice

Minimize the Risk of Purchase

“Decision overwhelm” is fueled by the fear of making the wrong decision. You finally make a choice after sampling ice cream, but even though you’ve chosen chocolate mint, you’re still thinking about the mango sherbet you passed up. B2B purchases aren’t ice cream, but the fear of making the wrong decision is still great – and arguably the stakes are much higher. So how can you minimize the risk?

In addition to using social proof, reduce risk by offering escape options. Money-back guarantees and no-hassle return policies reduce the fear of getting trapped by the wrong product choice. As a result, the perceived risk of moving forward with a purchase is far less, which drives higher conversion rates.

Reduce Items per Page

Marketers often carefully design website home pages and landing pages to create the highest conversion rate. But it’s wise to revisit these pages frequently, especially when seeking ways to simplify and reduce decision-making fatigue for your customers. But how?

Start with the category pages. Navigating through your website should require the fewest decisions and least energy possible. So ask yourself, “How can we streamline navigation to result in fewer decisions to arrive at the intended destination? Can we simplify messaging on the home page or include fewer but higher-impact calls to action?” Seek opportunities to make the website more straightforward and user-friendly and reduce resistance in the online experience.

Moving Forward With Less Fatigue

It’s tempting to provide customers with more – increased options, multiple calls to action, and greater benefits. The research, however, is clear: If you want to create more positive feelings about your brand, reduce confusion, and increase sales, you must provide less.

Fewer calls to action and fewer choices help consumers arrive at decisions faster, which may help shorten the sales cycle. As Barry Schwartz, the author of “The Paradox of Choice,” points out, you must find a sweet spot. He says, “Do people benefit from variety? Absolutely. But you must strike the balance between variety and not paralyzing your customers. And once you find this magical spot, you can maximize each and every marketing effort.”

Do you think that decision-making fatigue affects B2B marketing? Share your experiences and results.

Published at Tue, 28 Feb 2017 11:00:00 +0000

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