Tools To Monitor Your Online Reputation

More businesses are doing their business online. This luxury gives you a ubiquitous presence on the internet, but it also gives other people a chance to voice their opinion on your business. This can be both, a good and a bad thing to deal with. It is a good thing that people may be mentioning your business, but it is not always positive. When it comes to taking control of your online reputation, it is imperative to know how to capitalize the best tools to monitor your online reputation. The good news is that there is a surprising number of products, software and tools online at your disposal, so you won’t have to worry that your company’s online reputation hangs by a thread.

A business needs to know what people are saying about them, and how this affects their perception to others who may not know anything about them. Many regular people and companies deal with unfavorable or compromising information about them that has spread online. In both cases, the consequences can be devastating. While companies can lose hundreds of customers, people lose their self-esteem and the respect of their friends and acquaintances. Online, as in real life, the word of mouth is certainly one of the most widespread methods to distribute good and unfortunately bad news. For this reason, there are tools out there that can help your business monitor their online reputation. Some are free, while others you will have to pay for. However, it goes without saying that the quality of the monitoring depends on what you pay for. Here we’ll look at a few options your business has to look out for what people are saying about you and even your competition. There is much value to being attuned to what the market demands.

First, let us start with a free option. The most notable one is produced by Google, and it is as basic as it gets. It is called, “Google’s Me on the Web”, and it lets you keep tabs on your business by alerting you anytime information is brought up or even searched for. You can also use it to search for anything you want, but it is basically a simple tool that lets you see what others can see. Also another by Google is Google Alerts. This free service offered by Google is quite potent, enabling you to receive a notification any time your name or company’s name is used online. You can set up the notification interval and the number of alerts. You can also use keywords related to your brand image and Google will send additional notifications.

In contrast, there are a couple of great options that a business can pay for. Although they cost money, they are worth it to be able to sort through all the data to find relevant information on sites, forums, and social networks. They offer different plans, depending on what size business you are. Small businesses will pay around $100, while larger companies will go with the $200 plan.

The more expensive your plan, the more features you will receive. However, the best part about these services are the effort they put into making sure you understand all the information. They use aesthetically pleasing dashboards that are easy to read. The data they give you can be personalized to download into excel sheets, sent to your email, or relayed onto an rss feed.

If you want specifics, you can look at all the data up close to see where it originated from. From here, it can be saved and shared. Also, it allows you to see who is behind what is being said. All these features are great, but the important thing is they aggregate information that can be used to benefit your business.  By setting up new searches and alerts in monitoring your online reputation is of a tremendous importance, and all these tools are more than helpful. Monitoring the reputation of your business is important, and there are many great tools out there to help you.

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